We encourage our producers come in and make a Agronomy plan. This will include review of soil test results, understanding your goals, and applying Agronomy advice to prepare a plan.


 We will make fertilizer, seed, herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide product recommendations from our wide array of product offerings.

Spencer Agronomy Services offers custom application services including the following: •Spraying of crop protection products •Side dressing •Strip-till application of fertilizer


We offer grid soil sampling of fields including mapping of boundaries, and we can submit soil, tissue, and manure samples for testing. We can incorporate test results and other data to prepare a production plan.


 Crop scouting services are available to assess pest pressure, crop performance, and to gauge the potential effectiveness of pest and disease control measures.


Spencer Agronomy Services offers a wide variety of crop protection products from Syngenta®, BASF®, and other major manufacturers.


 Herbicides include Flexstar GT®, Halex GT® & Verdict®.


Insecticides are offered such as Aztec 4.67®, Force 3G®, & Counter 20G®.


Fungicides available are Headline Amp®, Stratego Yield® & Quilt Xcel® among other products

Spencer Agronomy Services offers both NK® and RobSeeCo

seed corn and soybeans.

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We offer UAN solution, which is a liquid fertilizer produced by combining urea, nitric acid, and ammonia, with a nitrogen content of 28 percent and 32 percent. UAN can be mixed with herbicides, pesticides, and other nutrients, permitting farmers to reduce costs by applying several materials simultaneously rather than making separate applications.


 6-24-6 is manufactured by combining anhydrous ammonia, urea, phosphoric acid, and potassium hydroxide. 6-24-6 is a liquid starter fertilizer placed on or near the seed at planting time to stimulate early root growth.

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